Alaska Commission on Rural Governance and Empowerment Final Report, 1999

Rural Governance in Alaska is Unfinished Business – 2014 RGC Report

Walker-Mallott Transition Reports

NSG Summary of US State-Tribal Relations (pdf)

NSG State-Tribal Relations Matrix (pdf)

NSG Millennium Agreement Review (pdf)

Appendices from 2013 Reconvening

  1. 2013 RGC Dialogue Process Materials and Invitation
  2. RGC Reconvene Agenda
  3. Dialogue Agreements
  4. Collective Action Ideas
  5. Photos of the 2013 reconvening of the Alaska Rural Governance Commission
  6.  A Call to Reconvene the Rural Governance Commission – An invite to participate


  1. A Call to Action Press Release
  2.  A Call to Reconvene the Rural Governance Commission
  3. Opinion pieces (coming soon)

Other reports, materials, and websites

  1. Alaska Federation of Natives Resolution in support of the Rural Governance Commission
  2. “Ending Violence so Children Can Thrive,” a report by the U.S. Attorney General’s Advisory Committee on American Indian/Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence.  November 2014.
  3. Millennium Agreement between the Federally Recognized Sovereign Tribes of Alaska and the State of Alaska
  4. Memorandum of Agreement between the State of Alaska and Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, August 2014
  5. Memorandum of Agreement between the State of Alaska, Microsoft Corporation, and Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, October 2014 – Annex No. 1
  6. Indian Law and Order Commission – Indian Law & Order Commission, Chapter 2: Reforming Justice for Alaska Natives: The Time is Now.
  7. Alaska Native Policy Center Fast Facts: Compiled Data on the Alaska Native Population, Alaska Native Population and the 2010 Census
  8. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  9. Alaskan Village Justice: An Exploratory Study, John Angell for the Criminal Justice Planning Agency Governor’s Commission on the Administration of Justice State of Alaska.
  10. Alaska Natives Commission: Final Reports, Volumes I, II, III.
  11. Report of Alaska Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Fairness and Access (1997) and status update
  12. Achieving Alaska Native Self-Governance: Toward Implementation of the Alaska Natives Commission Report.
  13. Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya, The situation of indigenous peoples in the United States of America (with a special section on Alaska)
  14. “Maze of Injustice” report by Amnesty International on the failure to protect Indigenous women from sexual violence in the USA.
  15. Related Websites
    1. Alaska Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission
    2. University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center (includes links to Alaska Justice Forum, a publication that regularly addresses issues of justice in Alaska)
    3. Alaska Native Justice Center